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Branch Session of the Light Festival——Shawan Light and Shade Show


    The ancient town of Shawan has a history of over 800 years. As a pearl of the treasure of Lingnan culture, Shawan has many dazzling achievements in music, painting, culture and architecture.These alleys of antique beauty carry the material and intangible cultural heritage of Shawan ancient town. They have been consistently promoted and innovated on the basis of inheriting the history.



    In 2016, Ruifeng Culture closely cooperated with Shawan ancient town, and customized a cultural tourism plan, with the theme of "visiting the ancient town at night" for the whole year. The yearly tourism was highly promoted, centered on 4 publicity themes, including "Shawan's Light and Shade", "Shawan's Cuisine", "Vigorous Shawan", and "Shawan's Music". During the period, abundant cultural activities successfully attracted over 2 million tourists paying a visit to ancient town, involving light show, gourmet festival, cheongsam festival, piaose (a traditional folk art), wet party and college bands contest, which improved the brand awareness of the ancient town and also increased the tourism income.

Shawan's Light and Shade and Dream:

    "Shawan's Dream" is co-created by Shawan Ancient Town Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Ruifeng Culture. The light show is performed at the core architecture Liugeng Hall of Shawan ancient town and was customized according to the style of Liugeng Hall.The light show applies multiple technology approaches including naked eye 3D projection, laser, light, and multichannel audio, with artistic processing methods like traditional Chinese painting and cartoon to integrate Shawan ancient town's history, culture and art, creating a major light show for Shawan ancient town.It lasts for 22min, striving for unfolding a great picture of splendid colors and infinite charm of Shawan ancient town.Tourists feel staying in a fairyland of fantastic video and audio effect, full of poetic illusion and fantasy of dreams!

    What's most worth saying is that "Shawan's Dream" is a projection show that you can't experience without being on the spot.Whether the 3D surrounding effect or the projection will give you the shocking feeling and details if you are on the site.

    "Shawan's Dream" is the largest light show work for 2016 Guangzhou International Light Festival and also the first projection work on ancient buildings in Guangdong Province.When the picturesque ancient town culture meets the modern light art, they form a uniquepicture of attraction.

Light Effect of Inventiveness:

    Shawan ancient town is not only a town of rich history, it's also the origin of culture and Lingnan music. Therefore, Ruifeng Culture focuses on how to combine culture and technology when planning the light show.It aims to provide a historical story for people to learn about Shawan through artistic light show.

    Ruifeng Culture integrates Lingnan music, Shawan cuisine, and ancient architectural aesthetics into the light show through 3D imaging and multi-channel technology and also restores the most vivid Lingnan music.


    Shawan light show is an outdoor 3D projection show which requires to overcome 2 technological difficulties: 1. The combination of projection and architecture.During the initial arrangement, Ruifeng Culture uses 3D modeling to reproduce the original architecture of Liugeng Hall, guaranteeing that the contents of the projection correspond to the architecture itself.During the process of implementation in the later period, in order to guarantee the luminance and accuracy of the projection show, we apply 12 projectors to overlay and joint pictures. Imported numerical control software is also applied to guarantee yearly synchronized playing of video and audio.2. Realize the sound effect like a theatre.Ruifeng Culture applies 9.1 sound channel with all its innovation during the design of the projection show. It can restore every detail of every musical instrument and piece of melody through different frequency and position, sections. The application of LAX latest product realizes an ultra-low frequency resonance from different position and direction.These inventive designs have made Shawan ancient town a successful excellent work in the industry for the public to enjoy the latest charm of Lingnan culture.

    Ruifeng Culture creates a yearly tourism activity for Shawan ancient town, taking advantage of Shawan's historical and cultural connotation, displaying the distinguished charm of Shawan ancient town, contributing to Shawan's being elected as the only national characteristic town in Guangzhou City.

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