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Hancheng City Light Festival

      2017 China·Hancheng City Belt and Road International Light Festival is organized by Guangzhou Ruifeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., as one of the organizers. It aims to create the 4th largest international light festival from January 21 to the end of May, covering 5 regions of Hancheng City, applying the operation mode of "leading of government, organization of enterprise and market-oriented operation" to promote full area tourism in all aspects.



    The Light Festival covers 5 regions of Hancheng City, aiming at creating the 4th largest international light festival to promote full area tourism in all aspects. 2017 China·Hancheng City Belt and Road International Light Festival will present a feast for eyes and ears of flowing light, fantasy and ultimate romance.

The Largest, the Widest and the Longest Light Festival

      The Light Festival will set up 5 major sections including New City, Old City, Jushui River, Zichuan and Xizhuang. The event will last for 5 months, displaying over 500 groups of light works which display a brighter, cooler and more technological light effect for the people through lighting and decoration, lights work, flower parades, 3D light shows, interactive entertainment and barges.



    During the Light Festival, there are also series of performances such as the opening and closing ceremonies. When it comes to the opening ceremony, organizer Ruifeng Culture will combine multiple multi-media technologies, applying large devices to set up the background to create an opening ceremony stage of coolness, environmental protection and concentration on the topic. Traditional customs and high-end technologies will mix with each other to show the charm of an ancient city, while also present the appearance of Hancheng City in the new era.

      Also, different events and series of cultural performances will also be provided in different regions and time, such as "Road and Belt Nations", "Legendary Hancheng City", "The Story of Light", "International Micro Film Festival", "Custom and Cuisine Festival" and "Sculpture Festival", to manifest special selling points of the "ancient" Old City, "modern" New City, "bizare" Jushui River and "ethnic" Diangjiacun Village and "unique" Wenshi Park.

Create a New Name Card for Hancheng City

     Ruifeng Culture, the organizer of light festivals is a leading and professional company for planning, organizing major arts and sports events and has been highly praised by government authorities, insiders and lay persons depending on its successful holding of province level, state level and international level events. The major domestic art and sport projects Ruifeng has sponsored or organized are: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, 2009 60th National Day Military Parade, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremony, 2011 Universiade Shenzhen opening and closing ceremony performances, 2011-2016 Guangzhou International Light Festival, 2016-2017 Dinghushan Mountain Music Festival, 2016 Bonbonland and  2017 Guangdong Province New Year's Eve Gala.

    As the exclusive creative planner for 2011-2016 Guangzhou International Light Festival, Ruifeng Culture has a great strength in planning and operating public cultural events, and has also developed Guangzhou International Light Festival into one of "the 3 largest light festivals" in the world, equally famous with France Lyon Festival of Light and Australia Sydney Festival of Light. Until the end of 2016, Guangzhou International Light Festival had attracted over 40 million person-times. The well-developed and new commercial operation mode of "government's platform and enterprise's performance" has realized the "hemopoiesis" of cultural events, during which Ruifeng Culture had played an important role. In 2017, Ruifeng Culture will plan, organize, operate, and publicize  and attract investment for Hancheng City "Road and Belt" International Light Festival to create a city name card for Hancheng City.

       Ruifeng Culture aims to show the culture of Hancheng City by successfully holding Hancheng Light Festival to tell a story of Hancheng City, presenting the emotion and feeling of Hancheng citizens to create its value. In order to establish a new tourism pattern for "internationalized Hancheng City", to develop the industry chain relying on the light festival, to improve internal and external economic circulation and to enhance overall economic vigor, making light festival the real symbol of Hancheng City.


    In recent years, with the promotion and popularization of LED technology, light festivals have accumulated well-established experience and approaches, integrating lighting technology, design and innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection. Relying on high-end and modern technology, it reduces energy consumption to the maximum degree. The 5 major sections of 2017 China·Hancheng City "Road and Belt" Light Festival mostly apply CFL with cold light illuminator. Fancy lanterns also apply LED, saving energy not disturbing. The lighting period at night generally lasts from 6:00 to 12:00 pm. During the Spring Festival holiday, according to the transport, the lighting duration will be extended. The laser light flashes out toward the sky, avoiding dwellings without harming citizens' health.



   The CFL is quite energy-saving. During the 15-day Guangzhou International Light Festival, the total electric charge of all the lights does not exceed RMB 20,000 Yuan. As to the landmark stretching lighting sets, set up in the 5 streets of New City District of Hancheng City, it costs 12 degrees of power per road per hour. Totally, it costs about 360 degrees of power per night for 5 streets. For instance, the rooftop laser light consumes only 30W, the same consumption as an ordinary light bulb in a family.

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