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2017 China·Hancheng City "Road and Belt" International Light Festival Successfully Ended

    When the passionate summer comes, everything becomes verdant. In the vast land of Hancheng City, flowers are blooming like a piece of brocade.On the night of July 19, with the grand opening of "Charming Chinese Town·Hancheng City", Ruifeng Culture created a splendid and iridescent 2017 China·Hancheng City "Road and Belt" International Light Festival, fulfilling the historical duty Hancheng bore, transforming like the birth of a butterfly. People were unwilling to part with the performance, and the light festival successfully closed in the eyes of people of expectation and good wishes.

Nanhu Lake Light Show is retained as a long-term light art work and now gives 3 successive performances every night

    Beautiful things are always expected by people and wonderful moments are very unforgettable.The screen of Sima Qian Temple Square is playing the advertising video of "Charming China Town--Hancheng City".Beautiful Hancheng City does wear a very splendid and glittering coat owing to the International Light Festival.Hancheng City has never been so splendid and sparkling in the history until 2017. Reviewing the past, citizens have never been so filled with boundless pride like they do in 2017.The abundant lights in the city make the world recognize Hancheng City. They bring about the booming of tourism, improving the industry and rejuvenate Hancheng City to become more vigorous and lively.


    At the same time, a set of more exciting data has just come out: The whole city received 6.8 million tourists in the first half year with aggregate income of RMB 3.098 billion Yuan, respectively increased by 38.4% and 54.1% compared with last year. It's expected to attract over 10 million tourists to come to Hancheng City with tourism income of RMB 5 billion Yuan.

    It is courage and innovation that supports the glory. What's gathering is struggle and painstaking efforts.We conclude the past to embrace the future.Today, let's review the unforgettable 2017 "Road and Belt" International Light Festival, and discuss the reason why this international light festival stands out from nearly 10,000 cities and become a member of international lighting art festival and world light art association, with the same reputation as Lyon, France and Sydney, Australia and Guangzhou, China.

    The 18th party congress indicated that we should promote the "scenic tourism" into an all around "full area tourism" era.In October, last year, faced with the incoming slack season of Hancheng tourism market, it's of vital importance to break through the development bottleneck of "scenic tourism" to improve the exemplary construction for all-region tourism and to supplement the blank of "night economy"...

    During the 7-day holiday of the Spring Festival, 2016 "China·Hancheng City" Light Festival welcomed millions of tourists, bringing about certain inspiration for us.Combining this subject, leaders of 4 major teams in the city discussed for many times, and eventually determined that an international light festival centered on "Road and Belt", relying on the national development and policies was going to be held. It was based on the industry and the market, focusing on the light festival to develop related industries, contributing to industrial transformation and the reform of tourism.

"Road and Belt" Exotic Style Lights

    The object was set and the direction was clear.On November 4, 2016, program collection was initiated.With 30 days of intense evaluating and professional approving, the project raised by Guangzhou Ruifeng Culture was finally approved. Eventually, the "Road and Belt" international light festival, sponsored by tourism investment corporation and organized by Guangzhou Ruifeng Culture, with 6 participators from Zidong, Sichuan, was started to plan.

    On November 4, 2016, "Road and Belt" international light festival committee was established. Mayor Chu Jinfeng worked as the first chairman, Ji Huikang, Director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress performed as the director of international light festival committee. Municipal government leaders Wang Zhipeng, Wang Hui and Li Xifeng held the post of vice directors. 20 or more departments all over the city worked as member units.Until then, a battle for establishing an international art festival started with all the efforts of a city.

    Faced with all sorts of doubts, short working period, high standard and heavy task, the committee worked for 40 days and sleepless nights with a spirit of innovation--"dare to be" and planned for a light festival of the largest scale, the most abundant lights, the largest layout and the most diversity, marking a incredible Hancheng City speed and miracle.

    On January 21, 2017, "Road and Belt" International Light Festival was started with a grand opening ceremony.The light festival set five major sections, including New City, Old City, Jushui River, Zichuan and Xizhuang. Other key regions covered Xishan route, combination region of New City and Old City, including totally 50km. According to the design thinking of the "ancient" Old City, "modern" New City, "bizare" Jushui River and "ethnic" Diangjiacun Village and "unique" Wenshi Park, , 600 traditional lights works (totally 221 sets) were set up, with 8 sites of 139 works. Totally 50,000 lanterns were hanged up in the major 5 sections, covering major streets and trees in the park.

    After that, Hancheng City used 158 days to sustain the miracle, displaying the best feast of light art to the whole world with the longest time period, the most tourists and the best social feedback.What's more, so many innovations contributed to the rich fruit of this "Road and Belt" International Light Festival, which exceeded the expected effect.

    Become Attached under the Light.Totally 6.80 million tourists from the whole world paid a visit to Hancheng Light Festival, which created a peak of 280,000 person-times per day on the Festival of Lanterns.The number of tourists coming to Hancheng City for tourism this year met a "skyrocketing" increase.

    Meet Your Friends under the Light.During the 5 months, over 200 sister provinces and cities sent their focus groups and investment groups here in Hancheng City for visiting, learning and exchanging ideas.Over 60,000 students came to Hancheng City for "researching, studying and traveling" activity."Light visiting traveling" in Hancheng City has become the first choice in Yellow River golden triangle region and for many major travel agencies.

Review Wonderful Lights

    Collect Wisdom under the Light.During the Light Festival, the city organized over one hundred specialized cultural events, guaranteeing that "there would be activities and topics every week, every month and every day". Visitors would come to visit scenes at daytime while enjoy the lively atmosphere in the evening. Besides, foreign tourists would also experience a journey of good taste in Hancheng City of long history.

   Win Glory under the Light.The success of the light festival won consistent reporting and attention from major media in the province.On May 30, "People's Daily" published a report on "Road and Belt" International Light Festival.Other mainstream media such as "News Network" and "Midday News" from CCTV, also focused their sight on Hancheng City Light Festival. An urban brand effect of "Glory of Hancheng City" was formed.The confirmed number of tourists coming to Hancheng City broke 10 million person-times. The goal to establish a tourism destination domestically is expected to fulfill this year.

    Under the background of splendid lights and numerous tourists, it was backstage staff's efforts that contributed the most.


    "The success of international light festival is only a start. We will consistently improve, innovate and develop the event in order to enhance the weak point of the urban infrastructure and to develop illumination industry. We aim to light up every corner of this city and make it more pretty. Also, we plan to develop Hancheng City well and remain the vigor of light industry here."Li Zhiyuan, Secretary of municipal party committee said to us far more than once.

    We will never forget those nights when dripping water became ice, Secretary Li Zhiyuan led the team at late night. Major municipal leaders also came to the street, making up deficiencies, and specifying services, guiding the layout and overall development of the urban lighting project.

    We will never forget the freezing cold street when 20 municipal departments worked together at the frontline, including Municipal Light Office, Municipal Tourism Committee, Bureau of Housing and Bureau of Culture and Entertainment. They joined hands with each other to create an international light festival of the highest standard.

    We will never forget the scene when sanitation workers, traffic police, bus and taxi drivers, labor union, Women's Federation and CCYL committee, including 1,300 volunteers struggled on the street, devoting themselves for offering services for a high standard light festival.

    We will never forget staff of Ruifeng Culture and all the organizing companies who worked days and nights very hard under the background of splendid lights.

    We will also never forget every one that contributed with great efforts to the success of this light festival!It is the coordination and cooperation of us that has made Hancheng Light Festival more colorful and more splendid.

    We have made progress during the planning and innovating.During the light festival, according to the international standard, we consistently enriched the contents of lights. Municipal light festival committee introduced global first-class high end light works for Nanhu Lake Light Show, the first domestic 360-degree holographic projection "Hancheng City's Legend" and "Yellow River's Spirit" the major light, waterscape and music show at National Culture and History Park.

Design Team of "Hancheng City Lover"

    Chances always favor those who have well prepared.On May 27, on the 2017 China·Hancheng City "Road and Belt" International Light Festival and Cultural Industry Summit, Hancheng City invited domestic famous professionals and experts here for planning for cultural industry development and urban brand.At the same time, the committee sent invitation to the whole globe, collecting design projects for 2018 Hancheng City "Road and Belt" International Light Festival.What's beautiful is always worth pursing, "Road and Light" International Light Festival has become a support for the booming of tourism of Hancheng City. It will become a wonderful drama of Hancheng City that never ends!


    The splendid 2017 China·Hancheng City "Road and Belt" International Light Festival will come to an end soon. The wonderful "Yellow River's Spirit" major light, waterscape and music show is about to start and the operation and design of 2018 International Light Show is also under planning.A new start, a new journey.Let's meet in 2018 in beautiful Hancheng City, looking forward to welcoming a more splendid 2018 China·Hancheng City "Road and Belt" International Light Festival.

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