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2016 1st Bonbonland created many bests in domestic music festival: the longest duration, the largest site and the most performers.The5-day National Day holiday attracted over 500,000 tourists from all over the world and formed the music festival of the largest scale in China.

Bonbonland promoted the tourism transformation of the whole area in Dujiangyan:

    Ruifeng Culture applied appeal of Olympic Games, Asian Games and national speakers brand to provide extraordinary effect of sound, light and electricity and stage effect for Bonbonland, enabling music fans to enjoy a one-stop interactive park of music.

Project Director Huang Zhihui from Ruifeng Culture commented that: Dujiangyan is the heritage of the whole world, passing what's classic and traditional and of cultural characteristics of Chinese nation.Compared with the other major music festivals, this music festival initiated a viewing experience in the air. Audiences could overlook the whole Dujiangyan scenic area by helicopter and enjoy the performance.Furthermore, 20 multi-functional zones were provided including Fashionable Art Section, Fashion Section, Innovated Fair Section and Cusine and Beer Section.

Bonbonland was held at the left side of the exit of Dujiangyan of Chengguan Speedway, covering an area of 200mu (1333 hectares), establishing 3 major stages of diversified appearances.At 14:30 from Oct. 1 to Oct. 5, powerful DJ party started on time, and first-class singers like Xu Wei, Sun Nan, Chris Lee and Yoga Lin and some western bands played many genres of music like rock 'n' roll, jazz, hip pop and folk......

According to the statistics of Dujiangyan government, the average consumption per person at Bonbonland reached RMB 500 Yuan, equal to 500 million Yuan per day, the same total turnover as that of a middle-scale mall in a whole year. The 5-day event just increased the value equal to that of 5 malls in total, which was indeed the illustration of "music+tourism".During "2016 Bonbonland", totally 14 million Weibo reading quantity and 10 million online broadcasting amount and 1.9367 million person-times tourists going to Dujiangyan increased 26% compared with that of last year, reaching 1.393 billion Yuan for the total income of tourism. The average occupancy rate of the hotel of the whole city reached 85.5%, 19.8% higher than that of last year.

Dujiangyan Stage:

    The major stage of Dujiangyan was 70m long and 25m wide, designed in the concept of heavy industry. The 5 gears were fine arranged, symbolizing the prosperity of China's western industry.

Ruifeng Audio Technology team applied 64 LAX AT3212-V2 double 12 inch all-frequency line array speakers and 30 LAX S218B double 18 inch ultra-low frequency speakers.The major speakers were hanged on left and right sides of the stage, with 16 speakers on each side, together with LAX S218B ultra-low frequency speakers, with 15 speakers on each side beneath the all-frequency speakers.Additionally, filling speakers LAX AT3212-V2 were set up on the side, 12 speakers on each side, totally of 2 groups. The 2 front filling speakers LAX AT3212-V2 were set up for each group (4 groups in total).They successfully completed the task of covering an large area of the audience area.2

As to the stage, Ruifeng Audio Technology used 22 LAXAT15M ground feedback speakers, scattering on the front line of the stage for players to listen.Additionally, monitoring speakers were also set up on the side of the stage, involving 2 LAX AT208AN line array speakers and 2 LAX ATL118B line array speakers. They were set up on each side of the stage in symmetry, creating a perfect feedback effect and shocking music space for singers.

Dujiangyan stage was like the core of an industrial machine, representing Dujiangyan and it's like its heart--a place of developing and gathering, reflecting with the reality, making "noise", symbolizing "creation".When it came to the stage effect, the team pursued the visualization of music, presenting a surprising stage effect, coexisting the music.

Qingchengshan Mountain Stage:

    Qingchengshan Mountain Stage was 40m long and 18m wide, combining Sichuan opera's face/off to extend the elements of the stage, creating a gorgeous stage effect with LED screen.

Qingchengshan Mountain Stage, created by Ruifeng Intelligence, another subordinate of Ruifeng Audio Technology, applied another self-innovated brand RF of Ruifeng Audio Technology.Considering that the site was an open ground, the auditory sense was of first place. The whole site applied 24 RF VT312 line array speakers and the main speakers, 4 RFVT312 line array speakers worked as filling speakers and 24 RF VT218B double 18 inch ultra-low frequency speakers were added. The sound field was average covering the whole site, making the sound very plump, clear and natural.

Panda Stage:

Panda Stage had a diameter of 50m and was a hemisphere huge stage.Combined with artistic innovation, the stage became the landmark at daytime in Bonbonland.

Ruisheng Company, the important agency subordinate to Ruifeng Audio Technology, jointed hands with German brand TWAUDiO to provide excellent speakers for this music festival.Engineers programmed with audio software EASE FOCUS 3 for the analog according to the practical condition of the site. After calculation, it was determined that the major speaker system applied 18 VERA36 speakers with 9 on both sides of the stage and above it. On the edge of the stage, there were 2 T24N point source speakers as filling sound for listeners.

1T24N was respectively set up on either side of the stage under the line array as filling sound to make the sound cover the whole audience area effectively.Considering that Panda Stage was primarily used for DJ show. The music genre decided that the stage required more bass, so the team applied 4 BSX double 21 inch ultra-low frequency speakers with 12 S33 cardioid ultra-low frequency speakers to make the bass more powerful and airy and close to the audiences.

    Together with K3DSP power amplifier and the latest released PLM12K44 power amplifier, British Midas PRO2 digital sound console and Austria AKG DMS800 reference-level digital microphones to play the most authentic electronica on the stage, making all the fans deeply immersed.

Ruifeng Culture is a leading culture and innovation company in China integrating culture, tourism, and sports industrial resources.Ruifeng team has always been careful about every detail in every music festival. It develops music festivals in the form of product series with inventiveness and painstakingly efforts to create the own music festival brand of Ruifeng Culture.We do not go with the stream, nor do we depend on the trend.Ruifeng Culture will base itself on Bonbonland the highest level of music festival, and extend small music festival brands of a million level, and even super large music festival products of 10 million or 100 million level.

     Ruifeng Culture will assist Sichuan Province government and the other governments of the surrounding provinces to consistently create the pattern of "music+tourism" and other various tourism products, profoundly exploring many possibilities of "music+tourism" and create far more new cultural products to our audiences.

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