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Guangzhou International Light Festival


    Guangzhou International Light Festival was a major art and cultural event for the public, sponsored by Guangzhou municipal government, organized by Ruifeng Audio Technology and planned by Ruifeng Culture.During the five-year planning in 2012-2016, Ruifeng Culture successfully developed Guangzhou International Light Festival into the largest light festival brand in China which was praised as one of the 3 largest light festivals, same as France Lyon Festival of Light and Australia Sydney Festival of Light.Guangzhou International Light Festival was selected by UNESCO in 2015 as "Light and Medium Technology International" major cultural event and was specially recommended in the official website.Every festival has attracted over 8 million tourists, successfully broke the record of the same international light events with the most visitors.


    In 2017, Ruifeng won the bidding of the organizer for 2017-2021 Guangzhou International Light Festival. Ruifeng Culture will gather global talents in the future 5 years to create a better Guangzhou International Light Festival.The 7th Light Festival is the conclusion to the previous 6th, and also a prospect to the future light art development of a city.  


    The theme of this light festival is "Maritime Silk Road", composed of 5 major topics including "City Light", "Ocean Light", "Economy Light", "Technology Light" and "Future Light". Through the description of 30 excellent works collected from domestic and foreign universities, the light festival tells a historical story full of Guangzhou, the origin of ancient Maritime Silk Road in the way of timeline.

Huge Omnimax Immersive Theatre Plays a Brilliant Song

    "The Legend of Guangzhou", to be held on October 27, 2017, will apply HD projection, holographic projection and multi-media sound, light and electricity to create a global-level feast for eyes and ears.

    "The Legend of Guangzhou" will depend on the topic of "Road and Belt", combining live performance and holographic projection, reproducing the historical image of the cultural tour of ancient Silk Road to immerse audiences in a lifelike scene of Lingnan style.

Guangzhou Tower's Light Show Lights up the Night Sky of Guangzhou

    Countless lasers travel back and forth through skyscrapers, surrounding Guangzhou Tower, as the axes. Combined with the light in the south square, a splendid picture is formed in the high building.

"Beautiful Life" Presents the Charm of a City    

    The water curtain projection show theatre of Guangzhou Opera House, in the name of "beautiful life", is a new media opera focusing on visual art and clever diagrammatic concept.The opera manifests the city style in four chapters, including "Waving", "Beauty", "Harmony" and "Dare to Dream". The image projected onto the water curtain clearly reflects the economic development, resident environment, historical and cultural connotation and humanistic care of Guangzhou, which also shows the charm of Guangzhou vividly.

Urban Cultural Forum

    As one of the activities of "World Cities Day Forum" to be held in Guangzhou, City Light Summit works in concert with it centered on "Light Makes the City Better", gathering professionals in technology, entertainment and design industry. They get together to discuss the development of light art and cities, advocating the mutual development of them to promote the future of light art, sharing their ideas about creating the future and changing the world.

Craftsmanship Behind the Light Festival

    Guangzhou International Light Festival is a public cultural event in the era of post-Asian Games.Guangzhou International Light Festival is not only a platform for art exchange for the sending out of China's designers and bringing in of foreign designers, but also a big event linking art, technology and culture. In the meanwhile, it aims to promote Light Festival to the whole state and even other cities in the world by means of its brand influence.As the new name card of Guangzhou, Guangzhou International Light Festival not only bear the social responsibility of transmitting Guangzhou culture, and advocating sentiment of nativeness, but also act as a role for popularizing innovation thinking and high-end technology.


   The development process of Guangzhou International Light Festival is an epitome of Ruifeng Culture's development.As a creative enterprise, Ruifeng Culture has broken 2 traditions of light programs in Guangzhou International Light Festival: 1. the monotonous way of light displaying, integrating high-end technology works and summits to Guangzhou International Light Festival in the opening and closing ceremonies, combined with sound, light and electricity, showing the light programs in a brand new pattern; 2. the traditional mode of depending on government's funds, applying a new commercial operation mode of "government's platform and enterprise' performance", and raising funds through the market to operate Light Festival.The new and well-developed commercial operation mode has strengthened the "hematopoietic" function of the Light Festival and is beneficial to the smooth operation of public cultural events.

    Ruifeng Culture, relying on the influence of its brand, has created Guangzhou International Light Festival with inventiveness, introducing light works to the other cities abroad and indirectly improving the sales of speakers and light devices of Ruifeng Group. At the same time, it has also boosted the overall industry transformation and upgrading of the company to form a whole industry chain mode integrating manufacturing, marketing and cultural innovation.


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