/ 2017-08-16

The Signing Ceremony of Bonbonland

    During the National Day golden week from October 1 to October 5, "Bonbonland" will be hosted in Dujiangyan City. The music festival integrates music, fashion, art and sports, will offer a show for all sensory experiences 2km far from the exit of Chengguan Speedway in Dujiangyan City.Sun Nan, the famous singer, will work as the music director for this music festival. He will also give a performance with the band.



    On the afternoon of July 12, the signing ceremony and press of conference of “Bonbonland" took place at the Nanqiao Square of Dujiangyan City.Wang Ruixiang, chairman of the board of Ruifeng Holdings LLC and Mayor He Weikai of Dujiangyan City people's government respectively gave lectures. Yuan Ming, Deputy Mayor of Dujiangyan City people's government and Huang Peiling, General Manager of Ruifeng Culture signed an agreement Huang Zhihui, Cultural Project Director of Ruifeng Culture, specifically introduced each innovation setup and highlights of the music festival and released the publishing poster and VCR for this music festival for the first time.for cooperation.

    Sun Nan, the famous singer, also attended the press conference himself. He announced that he would not only be present on this music festival as the performer, but would also act as the music director. He would create a brand new music style for fans to bring about new elements for the music festival, centered on Rock 'n' Roll.Sun Nan said that he had been to Dujiangyan for several times and he felt that the city was new again and he loved it.Last but not least, leaders of Dujiangyan City and Ruifeng and Sun Nan activated the starter together to announce that 2016 Bonbonland was officially opened.

    The sponsor of "Bonbonland" will build a vast one-stop music interaction park on the area of over 200 mu (=1333 hectares). At that time, Bonbonland will overturn the traditional concept of the public on the music festival through setting up different functional sectors.The sponsor initiated an air show experience for domestic music festivals. Audiences can overlook the whole Dujiangyan scenic by chopper and enjoy the music festival. Besides, over 20 different functional sectors will be set up for the public to enjoy for 5 days and 5 nights, covering camping section, avant-garde art section, fashion section, innovative fair section, cate and beer section, LAX art exhibition section, music theme section, e-sports section, public interest and donation section and fashionable and interaction art section.


   The music festival will have 3 super large stages, with famous bands and artists giving performances one by one. The performance is well arranged rationally, invigorating the whole area with atmosphere of music at every second.As to the performers, totally 120 famous bands and stars will bring about multiple music genres including rock, jazz, hip pop, folk and electronica. Top 100 DJ from many countries will also bring about the best electronica party. The performer lineup is undoubtedly powerful.   

    The music festival will also break up traditional concept and integrate the interest and fun of a gala to become the Disneyland of music circle, providing a multi-sensory experience for fans.A round of fantastic fireworks show will be on every time when final superstar get onstage. The splendid fireworks show will change according to different superstars. The wonderful colors of them will make the fans forget to return.Apart from the 3 fixed stages, the music festival will also set up several movable small stages in the form of festooned vehicles giving performances to fans.

    Municipal government of Dujiangyan City will cooperate with Ruifeng Culture to create the golden week for the year, they will create the most enjoyable and orgiastic music festival in Asia in the standard of international level event. They will also create a brand new name card of a feast of eyes and ears for Dujiangyan City for the tourists and citizens who will experience the energetic Dujiangyan with different passion.

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