/ 2017-08-16

2017 Guangdong New Year's Gala

    At 00:30, January 1, 2017, Ruifeng Culture, subordinate to Ruifeng Audio Technology and Guangdong Radio and Television Station collaboratively hosted 2017 Guangzhou New Year's Gala, also greatly supported by Zhaoqing City.This was another symbolic all-area tourism activity, hosted by the cooperation between Ruifeng Culture and Zhaoqing municipal government.Nearly 10 million TV viewers were watching the program domestically through direct broadcasting satellite of Guangdong Radio and Television and Station.

    The host place of this new year's gala was Dinghu People's Park, covering an area of 100 thousand . Tourists could enjoy music, fireworks surrounded by glamorous natural beauty, embracing the youth and welcoming the come of 2017's first day with the countdown together.Many superstars also acted with their best efforts. Five function sections offered citizens and tourists all-round enjoyment both physically and mentally.

     Guangdong New Year's Gala started at 4:00 pm, December 31, 2016. Local band Go Up of Zhaoqing, Guangdong old band Feimen + Chen Yizhi and representative band of Lingnan higher institutions led by them also gave a passionate performance. They quickly aroused enthusiasm of the audiences.At 8:00, after 9 major hosts of Guangdong Radio and Television and Station gave lively opening remarks, artists stepped onstage one by one: Ce Tian, Sha Baoliang, Zhong Zhentao, Fama, Liang Hanwen and Yuan Yijun and other band with different styles offered a passionate feast for eyes and ears for citizens.

    Eric Tsang, Ruan Zhixiang also introduced TV show "Jiang Men Ren" to Zhaoqing. Wonderful games and interactions of nearly 1 hour made artists and audience deeply immersed.Additionally, Hong Kong artist Tyson Chak and Xia Tou also performed a Cantonese comedy show "Ms. Su and Bearer Brother Hui" that was good enough to match northern cross-talk and sketches.

    The climax of the gala was the last moment of December 12, 2016.With the countdown of artists, hosts and audiences, the bell rang with super cool 3D light show and gorgeous fireworks show. The secret gear of the Dinghu Lake stage rotated slowly and opened up the wonderful chapter of 2016. The whole area became a sea of joy.

    2017 Guangdong New Year's Gala could not become a party of order, safety and clearing without the most dedicative people: the guards, the sanitation workers, physicians and nurses, and volunteers and Ruifeng staff who made contributions in silence.Ruifeng Audio Technology extends sincere gratitude to all the friends who have supported us. The way becomes more beautiful for you.

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