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Bonbonland Dinghushan

    Liu Ruirui, Deputy Head of Dinghu District, municipal government of Zhaoqing City and Huang Peiling, General Manager of Ruifeng Culture signeda 10-year strategic cooperation contract (2017-2026) for Dinghushan Mountain Music Festival, which officially determined that Dinghushan Mountain Music Festival would be held in Dinghu District, Zhaoqing, in the future 10 years so as to form a brand new symbol of cultural tourism for Zhaoqing City.

A Set of Data:

    2 days, 48 hours, over 150 thousand of tourists, covering 5 major fashionable creations, over 60 artists/bands, 4 million times of online play, over 30 brands and 80 food stalls.

    The absolute tourists number growth reached 90 thousand person/time, which was 2.5 times that of 2016 Dinghushan Mountain Music Festival and ranked the 2nd in Sina Weibo for the most popular domestic tourist sights during the May Day holiday.1,200 guards, 500 volunteers and 3,000 performers



    On April 29 and April 30, the 2-day Bonbonland Dinghushan Mountain Music Festival was held grandly at People's Park, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City.This music festival manifested in the form of a colorful music gala. According to the statistics of the sponsor, the on-site tourists was over 70 thousand on the first day.The music festival gathered various activities including superstars' performances, DJ show, specialized cuisine, and parent-kid amusement park. Cheers and applause rose one after another with full excitement and passion!

The 5 Major Characteristic Stages:

    The music festival set up 5 major characteristic stages: Bingo Stage gathering superstars, Bonbon Stage featured with DJ show, Spring Breeze Stage collecting college bands, Sugar Stage prepared for parent-kid interaction and Tone Stage of shocking sounds. Besides, there were also specialized cuisine section, luxury cars displaying section and outdoor camping section.

    On the music festival, tourists could not only enjoy a feast for eyes and ears, but also find their favorite interests, experiencing multiple joys.In the center of the site, a huge fashionable landmark--BonbonTower was built. Splendid and colorful LED screen led the heat of the music festival consistently.


Bingo Stage

    Bingo Stage, the major stage, was colorful and glittering. Colorful green light atmosphere led the audiences to the most passionate moment!Sammi Cheng's "Long-life Beauty" aroused the chorus of thousands of audiences on site. A single verse of "You're the most precious than any other prettier people" made the moment an eternity!Shin, the prince of high pitch sang his signature song "Love & Death". Over 70 thousand audiences sang together, and their hoarse voices were the best proof for the immortality of Rock 'n' Roll.Joanna Wang, talent for originality, had infinite passion for life inside her fully personalized appearance!Hanjin, the music wizard, showed his attitude towards life of full energy with plain lyrics!Sound Toy delivered China's Rock 'n' Roll power with their most sincere passion!


   The music festival applied modern latest technology to the stage. Sound, light and electricity were integrated with each other artistically.Bingo Stage, as the major stage for this music festival, over 100 LAX speakers were used to match the requirements of a large-scale performance.The major speaker system had 2 sets of speakers for both channels, with 16 LAX Operation T12 12' line array speakers. 8 speakers were used for supplement in left and right channels. 8 LAX OP3228L double 8 inch line array speakers were used for supplement for the stage. Totally 24 LAX OPL218B double 18 inch ultra-low frequency cardioid speakers were used for bass to guarantee perfect sound effect on site.

Bonbon Stage

Bonbon Stage was like an old cassette player. Dancing with the hot music played by DJ, audiences felt like being at an American street of 1970s or 1980s--free, casual and crazy.Just release your summer passion, and hot ladies and twinks will invite you to the wet party!All the audiences were moving their body with the electronica on site. It never died and stayed young forever.

Bonbon Stage applied Ruifeng's intelligent "RF" premium professional speakers--VT312 3-way line array speakers and VT218B double 18 inch ultra-low frequency speakers.Amazing performers plus shocking and extraordinary sound effects directly hit your heart. The whole site was extremely high at once, bringing a very shocking feast of eyes and ears for the audiences!

Bonbon Stage applied 16 RF VT 3-way line array speakers as the main speakers, and 24 18 inch ultra-low frequency speakers were distributed on the double ends of the stage in symmetry. Passionate dynamic energy, combined with uniform sound pressure, was spreading all over the audience area of Bonbon Stage. No matter where you were, you could enjoy a surprising enough sound of Rock 'n' Roll.The whole speaker system and musical instruments could give out the best sound effect with the allocation of DP series audio processor and DT series amplifier.

Spring Breeze Stage:

The perfect combination of retro music and original rock 'n' roll, plus young faces, would release your voice of dream that hided deep in your heart.Looking at Spring Breeze Stage, you would feel as if being in front of the showcase of an old and nostalgic store on the road side of Shanghai.The allocation of LD210, LD212B and S218B gave out natural and rich sound effect: powerful and clear low frequency, and enough balance during the loud sound pressure.They perfectly matched the stage environment, giving the audiences a nostalgic listening experience.

2 set of 4 LD210 plus 2 classic double 18 inch low frequency LAX S218B speakers were all placed on the ground at horizontal level to reduce the reflection from the ground as possible and to cover all the gathered energy onto audiences.That satisfied the speaker requirements of live music and also showed the adaptability of this speaker combination.Each brand also played their songs that touched audiences' ardor, enabling the students to feel the feast of music. They said that they were deeply enjoying the feeling of the touch of music on their fingertips.

Sugar Stage:

    Sugar Stage was composed of various simple and colorful geometric figures where we could find our lost innocence here.

Here, new generation of China's singers, young voices and future of music gathered.Singing, dancing or instruments were all their advantages. The future of music was just within their reach.New Stars Troupe joined in the performance and Children's Talent Show Final Contest also reported the latest news, commenting that the children were the youngest voice of China.

Tone Stage:

People could transmit sounds through containers, and also gathered sounds in them too.Such was a music feast without national boundary. We could find the original power of music through eco-friendly percussion. Every beat touched the heart beat of audiences.Ruifeng could lead you to feel the most primitive power of music inside your heart. Cheers, whoop were given out here to leave your irreplaceable tone!

Sugar Stage and Tone Stage both applied Live One System for gigs.The simple concept of "Plug and Play" greatly simplified the on-site workload.Live One System had a column-type design and was small in shape that satisfied various occasions that had high demands on size.Additionally, the asymmetric speakers for high frequency could enable the sound to spread evenly on the site.Exquisite and gentle tone and wide sound field attracted thousands of on-site audiences.

The Hero Behind the Music Festival

Dinghushan Mountain Music Festival, lasting for 2 days, attracted 150 thousand audiences. Over 1,000 staff jointed efforts together to create a feast of ecstasy for you.The success of a music festival can't be separated from shocking speakers. National brand LAX, subordinate to Ruifeng Audio Technology, organized the layout of the 4 in 5 major stages for Dinghushan Mountain Music Festival. The charm of the sound released by LAX made thousands of fans deeply enjoyable. The speakers had escorted the whole process of the music festival with zero error.Every performer became as exquisite as the one giving personal concert, with both fashion and interest.

As to the design of the major stages, Ruifeng team were careful about each detail, striving for excelsior effect.Bingo Stage was 50m wide and 130m long for the audience area.Faced with such a large-scale audience area, the design of speaker system was having a hard time.In order to make the sound cover the area behind better, Ruifeng team designed 2 sets of delayed sound supplement line array speakers. After dealing with the delay, audiences would hear the same sound that released from the major speakers without any chaos.At the same time, middle and high frequency were also supplemented on the back area. Audiences would hear a richer and more energetic sound on the back area.More fans were indulged into the music and enjoying themselves.Different schools of music ignited the purest and most passionate ecstasy.

Besides, the monitoring system was also unnegligible.In order to make every performer to hear the sound he/she wanted, a good set of monitoring system was pretty important.The stage monitoring system included 17 AT15M single 15 inch professional full frequency speakers for monitoring. Certain monitoring speaker would provide accurate sound for every player to guarantee precise rhythm at every corner of the stage for the perfect presentation of the whole performance.

Every staff behind the stage had a professional attitude toward music. They launched and adjusted all the speakers days and nights in order to present a gala of ecstasy, entertainment and fashion for thousands of fans.This was an encounter of profession and sound wave, and also a feast of music created by the spirit of the craftsman of LAX and fashion!

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