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2008 Beijing Olympic Games


The Opening and Closing Ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games

At 20:00, August 28, 2008, world-renowned opening ceremony of Beijing 29th Olympic Games was held at National Stadium (Bird's Nest).The Olympic Games of 2,000 years of history added radiance and beauty to Chinese culture of 5,000 years, and opened up a new chapter of human beings' civilization.The opening ceremony is composed of welcome ceremony, artistic performance, admission ceremony and holy fame igniting. They vividly illustrated the theme of Beijing Olympic Games--"One World, One Dream".

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

The opening and closing ceremony of Guangzhou Asian Games broke the conventional pattern of the past 15 games that were all held inside the stadium. The opening and closing ceremony were held on the island beside the Pearl River--APM. The special performance concept of "citizens' participating and sharing" made the performance free from conventional pattern, which realized a revolutionary breakthrough.The highlight of the opening and closing ceremony was "the Pearl River as the stage and the city as the background".It also perfectly manifested the positive and open Lingnan culture and Asian civilization of long history, also integrating diversified cultures of Asia.

2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships in Athletics Opening Ceremony:

In 2015, Beijing IAAF World Championships in Athletics was held grandly at Beijing National Stadium--"Bird's Nest"The opening ceremony perfectly expounded the athletic spirits and organization idea of international track and field athletics surrounding 3 themes--"Where the Dream Begins", "Pursue a Dream" and "Realize a Dream", presented the overall image and cultural soft power of Beijing once again.

2015 Guangdong Province 14th Sports Meeting Opening and Closing Ceremony:

The opening and closing ceremony of Guangdong Province 14th Sports Meeting were held at Zhanjiang Olympic Center, a major public cultural event also planned and organized by Ruifeng Culture.The theme of the opening ceremony was "Blue Zhanjiang and Golden Dream", displaying the striving spirit of competitive sports, school physical education and sports for the disabled, and the cultural appearance of Guangdong Province, centered on "magnificence, dignity, vigor and joviality" through 5 chapters, including "Vigorous Zhanjiang", "Silk Road Rainbow", "Blue Sea and Strong Wind", "Share the Blue Sky" and "Guangdong Dream".